Relda Kid Quick Learn Time Teacher Clock Tell Time Wall Clock REL77

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This clear  time teachers clock is ideal for teaching children/students to tell the time.

Product Features:
* 35cm diameter - large and clear to read
* To and Past clearly marked and colour coded
* Each individual minute is clearly marked
* Hands are labelled 'Minutes' and 'Hours'
* Silent sweep second hand will not disturb concentration in a classroom or sleep in a bedroom.

Teach your child/student to that there are 3 things to focus on:
1) The number at the end of the long (minute) hand
2) The long hand is pointing to the side of To/Past (colour coded)
3) The number at the end of the short (hour) hand

With a bit of practise, your child should be able to read the time in a fluent manner.

This clock is compatible with the Relda Time Teacher Watches
Please note - 1x AA battery required - not included.